He might be 55, but Viggo Mortensen is as hot as ever.

Viggo Mortensen is best known for his role in "Lord of the Rings." He's been working in films since he played a young Amish Farmer in Peter Weir's Witness in 1985. He wins over critics with his work in more than thirty movies.

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Mortensen grew up in New York city.  But, his family traveled a lot and he spent several years living in Venezuela, Argentina and Denmark. Mortensen is also quite proud of his photography and his poetry. He also dabbles in painting when he has some spare time.

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Viggo's father is from Denmark. His mom is a New Yorker. He has two brothers Charles and Walter. The movie hunk has had many odd jobs, from dock worker to flower seller. He married in 1982 and they lived in New York. He waited tables and worked as a bartender to make ends meet.  He started taking acting classes and eventually landed a small role Witness.

Viggo almost turned down "Lord of the Rings" because it would mean time away from his son. But his son, Henry talked him into taking the role.