Anyone who knows me, knows I am a huge Lost fan. Like, I'm one of those Star Trek type Lost fans, and I'm not the typical person who really jumps on the bandwagon for things, but I've seriously watched the entire season about 4 times and still manage to have a life (surprising, I know).

So, I was really shocked, as we all were, to hear that my beloved Hoarse, the leader and all around, good-guy, was the one in the middle of all the controversy. It's interesting, that I also recently started watching X-Files and saw he had a recurring role in that show as well, and really never had any idea how great of an actor he really is. (I mean, Green Mile aside, of course.)

So, he, a 51 year old, and his 16 year old wife, and aspiring country artist, Courney Stodden, have addressed all the controversy. I have to say that their timing was pretty good. I mean, the media has been so busy over The Anthony Trial and Jaycee Dugard, that they haven't had nearly the media attention that they probably would have normally had.

So, here are the key points:

~They met online. She contacted him to take acting classes, but since there was a distance issue, they communicated via email.

~She made the move for something more than just email pals.

~He contacted her mother and father stating they were falling in love and if this was an issue, both would respect it and walk away.

~The parents knew what was going on, even expected it, and obviously gave their blessings.

~She was a virgin and held onto that for the blessing that God had in store for her, which she feels is 51 year old, Doug Hutchison.

~Hutchison has lost relationships with his manager, his agent,  brother and mother.

~They state it will work because she is an old soul. He says, "I always joke with Courtney that one of the reasons we worked is 'cause she's 16 going on 36, and I'm 51 going on 21."

~He responds to the criticism by saying, "I've been called worse than a pedophile in my life."
Really? Because I didn't know there was anything worse. Regardless, I still love Lost and although, I don't agree with his actions, I have no ill feelings for the guy, because, unfortunately, I personally know how long distance and internet based relationships can warp your sense of reality. (Although, I'm not excusing it, or saying I've ever been that confused about life.) Will she be the next Anna Nicole? Doubtful, but I wouldn't be surprised if a reality TV show is born out of this.