Apparently, all of us in Louisiana are just a bunch of idiots. In fact, we "tweet" with the intelligence of a 4th grader.

In another one of their off-the-wall surveys, the real estate company Movoto, has declared that the number of illiterate posts on Twitter from Louisiana residents makes us the dumbest state in the country.

Movoto analyzed more than 500,000 tweets from across the country to determine the average grade reading level of each state. And here in Louisiana we scored dead last with the intellect of a kid just barely into the 4th grade.

Take a look at the top 5 smartest and dumbest states as revealed by the study.

Smartest States:

5) Maine - 5.296

4) Minnesota - 5.316

3) Massachusetts - 5.325

2) Wyoming - 5.506

1) Vermont - 5.751

Dumbest States:

5) Mississippi - 4.464

4) Arkansas - 4.456

3) Alabama - 4.428

2) South Carolina - 4.384

1) Louisiana - 4.246

Course, there's no way the research is scientific in the slightest -- given Twitter's 140 character limit and the use of hashtags. But it does show just how far from real English our tweets have ventured.

For a complete look at the survey complete with the interactive 3-D map, go to