New Orleans resident has taken over vacant lots to help feed his community. The creator of Capstone Community Gardens, David Young, is determined to support low income residents. He also has been helping other itty bitty residents as well, honey bees.

According to Good News Network, he started this project to help families after Katrina.

There are now 30 abandoned lots that have been taken over to grow vegetables that are accessible to the community. Everything is open to the public for free.

The interesting thing about this is that they are helping the honey bee population while helping the people. They remove the bees from areas that would be harmful for them and the people close by and take them to the gardens. They then pollinate the flowers and vegetables.

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I think this should be something we do here in the SBC. Since Shreveport is considered one of the chubbiest cities in Louisiana we could benefit from free veggies.

Find more information about Capstone check out the garden’s Facebook page or website.