Bad news for working moms in Louisiana, just ahead of Mother's Day. According to, our state ranks last in a study analyzing the best states for working moms.

The study is based on nine qualifications, ranging from the cost and quality of day care to the gender pay gap and parental leave policies in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The top five best states for working moms are Oregon, District of Columbia, Vermont, Maine and New York.

Ranking just above us are Mississippi, Wyoming, Idaho and South Carolina.

Here's the overview for Louisiana:

48th - Day Care Quality
7th - Child Care Costs
43rd - Access to Pediatric Services
49th - Public School Quality
50th - Gender Pay Gap
40th - Ratio of Female to Male Executives
16th - Parental Leave Policy
42nd - Length of the Average Woman’s Workday
33rd - Average Commute Time