I'm writing about this in hopes that something like this doesn't happen to you in the future with your phone. This past December I made the switch from Android to Apple, and to me there's not that much difference between the platforms. They're both phones that make and accept calls, have apps and play music.

I can't ask for much more ... except to not lose my contacts, pictures and videos!

It started Friday evening when my iPhone 6 Plus I've had for a few months went unresponsive. The display would show the time and that's it. It would then restart itself every two minutes and display the gray Apple screen, or a red, blue or black screen and then the time would come back and it'd be two minutes later! I took it to AT&T for them to look at and fix, but they couldn't. They told me I'd have to call Apple warranty or I could take it to Simply Mac to see if they could help.

Now, when the guy told me to go over to Simply Mac, I immediately thought to myself, "Why would I take my phone to a cosmetics store for them to look at?"

I never knew Simply Mac was an Apple device store. I thought it was a store full of cosmetics! I had driven by the store many times but never had to go inside for any reason so why else would I ever think it was for Apple products when I was thinking Mac cosmetics!

Once in Simply Mac, my troubles turned ugly thanks to my phone. The helpful tech said it was a hardware issue and that he'd have to wipe my phone and start over, and when he did it I would lose all the pictures, music, video, contacts and stuff on the phone.

But he could retrieve it from the cloud, though!

I thought, "Wow, I'm not going to lose anything," but I was wrong. After he wiped it and got it going again, we learned the phone was not backing up to the cloud. I thought it was doing it because when I bought it from AT&T in December, the sales guy set it all up. The only thing on the stinking cloud was my wife's iPad! Not much help there. So there I was with a wiped phone and no contacts, no pictures, no videos, just a 'new' phone!

I learned instantly at that moment the hard way. The Simply Mac tech then set it up for me to where my phone would be in contact with iCloud on a routine basis and that everything would be backed up and accessible in the event this happens again. He told me a lot of times the cell companies tell you it's all working but forget to turn on a couple of the green buttons in the settings.

I don't want this to happen to you, so when you have time you need to check to make sure your phone is being backed up to the cloud or another computer because it really sucks when you lose all of your contacts and stuff, you honestly feel a little lost. So if you're reading this and you know my number, please send me a text with your name and I'll add you back to my contacts!