Did I not get the memo?

Is this the time of year when people auction off their used clothes, while others buy, buy, buy?

Last week, Bette Midler announced she was selling off clothes (and said Lady Gaga should buy them!)... And how did I miss Madonna?

Over the weekend, the Material Girl sold off over 517 pieces of clothing from past tours.

Now, with the economy the way it is, I thought people would be spending less on used clothes and more on food and mortgages. But it seems I was wrong.

For example, the black  bustier she wore back on 1987's "Who's That Girl" tour was expected to sell for $8,000.

But someone paid... Are you ready??? Someone paid $72,000 for the pre-worn bustier!

Don't they realize that 72,000 McDonald's dollar menu items??? Or 30,000 McRibs! And you can't slather BBQ sauce on a bustier.