The Many Police Department is looking to press charges against anyone who left the Many Walmart during the EBT glitch with carts full of food without stopping at the checkout.

Erin McCarty


“We had people actually walking out of the store, apparently, without even going through the checkout line,” explained Many Police Detective JoAnn Carter.  ”That’s called shoplifting, isn’t it?”

Some of the people who walked out without paying could find themselves featured on the Many Police Facebook page to help identify who the suspects are. Investigators are reviewing the surveillance video with Walmart to identify who will be facing charges of shoplifting.

“Walmart actually has a person who sits and that’s what she does with the loss and prevention,” Carter explains to 710 KEEL.  ”You walk in a Walmart store and you are tracked throughout the store, everything you do.”

Carter say the video makes their case very clear.

“Video is going to show what their intent was to do,” said Carter.  ”If you go into a grocery store and you fill the buggies full of groceries and you go out the door and don’t even attempt to go to the cashier to pay for it, that pretty much shows what your intent was.”

“In our little small town of Many, people are nice enough and care enough that they call in and tell us who these people are,” Carter added.