In a recent interview with Playboy Magazine drummer for Fleetwood Mack, Mick Fleetwood, didn't sound all that positive about a future tour for Fleetwood Mac. In the interview, Mick Fleetwood pointed the finger at Stevie Nicks.Her focus on promoting her own projects has called a halt to the possibility of a tour for Fleetwood Mac. Stevie Nicks has said before that she would tour again with Fleetwood Mac after she has finished touring to support her latest album, In Your Dreams.

Fleetwood Mac was supposed to tour back in 2011, but that never happened. "Stevie is really proud of her new album and I get that, but she will not let it go....she's insistent upon working it until it is incapable of growing further...she has become enthralled and obsessed with her in album in a very nice but very inconvenient way."

If Fleetwood Mac were to tour again it would put lots of bucks into the pockets of the band members. An eight month tour could earn each member about $10 million dollars. But, Stevie is really focused on her own project.

"She's working 20 times harder than she would ever have to do with Fleetwood Mac and not making anything close to as much money as she would with us.  But this is what she wants to do, and I respect that."

Stevie will be taking sometime away from promoting her own album to tour again with Rod Stewart in July for their "Heart & Soul" tour, which was a huge success last summer.