Hundreds of people showed for Simple Church services at the Shreveport Convention Center on Sunday to hear Ms. Kay from Duck Dynasty.

The Simple Church ministry brought Ms. Kay in to tell her inspiring story about her life with Phil Robertson, the family patriarch of the famous "Duck Dynasty" clan. The A&E show is a huge success drawing more than 3 million viewers per episode.

The family is based in Monroe where they make duck calls. Business has been booming since the show hit the air a few years ago.

Some of the attendees were thrilled with Ms. Kay's message.

"Awesome service again Mrs. Kay has a great testimony of never giving up on her husband," said Kathy Houser.

Teresa Pollard said, "like she was speaking directly to each persons heart. Phil & her daughter's in law were there behind the scenes I found out. Also, that Ms. Kay brought breakfast she cooked for the staff...neat lady!!"