Did she really say, "In Louisiana we like two things dirty...our rice and our politics!" Those surprising words were spoken by Miss Louisiana and Shreveport native Lauren Vizza at Saturday night's Miss America pageant. Monday morning you'll hear the audio, the audience reaction and your comments live on the air.

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Do you know if you made a day trip to Dallas Saturday, it was 70 degrees when you left, 40 when you arrived, 70 when you got home, then 40 when you got up. Well, the week's weird weather is just starting and Robert and Erin will have all the details.

Plus, Erin talks more about her theory that more women would diet if their thinner friends would let them raid their closet as a weight loss reward. And to top it all off, you could win a Mardi Gras king cake from Tubb's Hardware in Bossier City, Monday morning from 6 til 10 with Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty on 96.5 KVKI / 965kvki.com.