Oscar nominations are out today and we decided to come up with our own little list. If you could live the life of one movie character, who would it be.
For Robert, we thought of Superman, Batman, James Bond, Ferris Beuler and Indiana Jones. But at the top of his list is Frank Martin in the Transporter movies.

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I have a few on my list that are women, but I must admit some of the characters I would like to be are men. Dorothy from the "Wizard of Oz" is a pretty good choice, but the girl would have to move. I don't want to live in Kansas. Vivian from "Pretty Woman" as long as I can skip her employment adventures in the first part of the movie. Bonnie from "Bonnie and Clyde" wouldn't be bad, but Robert reminded me about the little Gibsland scene. Maria Von Trapp is on my list....pretty good life and I love the mountains. The guys I wouldn't mind swapping lives with are Michael Corleone and Jack Sparrow. But tops on my list is Elizabeth, the Queen of England. Now that is living large!!