Robert and I celebrated 10 years on KVKI this morning, but we've actually been on the air together for almost 17 years.


We spent our first 7 years on K945. Thanks to you, our loyal listeners, we have had so much fun on the radio over the years. We've been involved in lots of crazy stunts (some we would like to forget). Most of you have what we call "regular jobs" and go about your business each day dealing with whatever life brings you.

Our only hope is that we can put a smile on your face every now and then and help you enjoy each day. What we do is no "regular job". We get paid to laugh and act silly every morning. I can not even tell you how appreciative I am to have this job.

Not a day goes by when I don't smile, laugh and have fun. I can honestly tell you I have never gotten up one morning and groaned that I didn't want to go to work. I wish that for everyone.


Robert & I probably have the easiest jobs in the Townsquare Media family here in Shreveport. There are 6 stations in our building and so many people work long hours and make huge sacrifices to ensure we always have a great product on the radio.

I first want to tip my hat to our sales staff. In my opinion, this is the hardest job in our building. Imagine trying to sell someone "air." You can't touch what they sell. Each of them has to deal with rejection every day and I know that is not easy. I appreciate every one of them.

To all of the folks on our office staff, thanks is just not enough. They handle anything you can imagine and they do it with a smile. To our engineering and technical team, thanks for all you do to make sure we have the tools needed to have all this fun.

To our management team, words can not express how much you all mean to me. I don't tell you enough how great it is to work with such passionate and caring people. They are all happy to be here and it shows.


We should have done this on the air this morning, but we had so much fun stuff to share. You should know that I consider Robert one of my closest friends. If something happens in my life, he's one of the first people I text or call (even if he's right around the corner in the next room).

Over all these years, he and I have never had a serious fight that resulted in hurt feelings by either one of us.  I often wonder how this has worked out because we hear stories about other radio partners who feud, and might not even speak to each other for days.

We don't take ourselves seriously and there is nothing we can not say to each other and I mean NOTHING.

We look forward to another 10 years!!