Easter was not that big a deal when I was a child. Of course, never as big as Christmas. But I do remember we all got dressed up to go to church. This wasn't your normal Sunday outfit. I always got a very special Easter dress and hat. And after church we would gather back at home for our annual family photo. The picture from when I was 3 is still burned in my memory. I have a little bonnet on my head and I have a purse that looks like an upside down umbrella. I was so cute among all my brothers.  And Mom has on her big Easter hat that made her look so beautiful to me.  I love looking at old Easter photos from any family. 

This is not my family, but it's one of those pictures I love looking at every year.  If you have one of these, please send it to me at erinmccarty@townsquaremedia.com