There's no better television viewing in my humble opinion than the Olympics. Hats off to Great Britain for this year's event. I loved every second of  the Olympics. From the spectacular opening to the closing ceremony and all the wonderful competition in between.

The Queen looked a little grumpy, but I think perhaps that's just because she is grumpy. She and 007 in the opening ceremonies was a hoot!

I had to laugh when watching Men's Gymnastics. My husband was bragging on one of the athletes. This particular young man took to the uneven bars and fell in the middle of his routine. My husband instantly said, "I've gooned him!"

So, I want all the millions of people watching the Olympics to be aware that my husband caused that gymnast to fall. I humbly apologize for any inconvenience it might have caused any of you because he "gooned" a gymnast.

To those of you who sat up with me until midnight every night watching: I feel your enthusiasm, brother! I probably gained 10 pounds from inactivity. And four years is a long time to wait to see this kind spirit, skill and patriotism again. Sixteen hours of Olympic competition. Makes you
promise yourself that you'll attend every one of your grandchild’s sporting events.

What? It could happen.

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