JW flew out of Dallas on Monday evening to report to Camp Geiger in North Carolina for about a month.

It's been great to see him over the past 10 days, but now he will be gone for a much longer stretch of time. I will miss him, but thanks to this high tech world, we can text and send pictures and video. We drove together to Dallas and stopped at the Southwest Food Expo (I had been planning to go to this with friends for several months).

Erin McCarty

I am still constantly amazed by all the attention he gets while in uniform. A Marine can not eat or talk on the phone while walking. As he is eating some ice cream, my cell phone rings and a friend at the other end of the show says "get JW down to section 2400 right now".  So he throws away his ice cream (so he can walk) and we go over there. It's a couple of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders taking pictures with fans. There handler had seen my son at the show and wanted him to take a photo with them. He was moved to the front of the line and was happy to take the photo.

Erin McCarty

Now we got the nice "official photo", but I was snapping pictures while they were getting ready. Is this cheerleader checking out my boy? No......I'm just imagining things!!

Every where we went, people stopped him to shake his hand and thank him for his service. He was so proud and of course Mom's just a little proud too!!