My eyes welled up as I saw him sitting with some new buddies at Shreveport Regional Airport. JW was more concerned about me at that point (he hates to see me cry). Then we just talked.As any Mom would do, I looked through all of his paperwork and he asked me "Are you gonna read every piece of paper in that packet." I told him I might. I asked if there was anything he needed and there was nothing. We chatted with some of the other guys about expectations. One was headed to Chicago for Navy boot camp. He was preparing for a very cold 13 weeks. That is one saving grace. My son will be in South Carolina where he should have pretty decent weather for a couple of months. We  talked about the food at basic training (which some of the guys say is pretty good). JW did get his fill of crawfish on Sunday night at Patty in the Plaza. I know he will miss his mudbugs.

Now to all the heart-tugging Mom stuff. I knew I couldn't send him off with any kind of book or journal but I did want him to have something from home to keep him motivated. So I cut some index cards in have and wrote inspirational quotes on them. He has several, but they are small enough to fit in his wallet.  Here's the first one he has: " The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart." Helen Keller

I told him to read these whenever he's having a down moment. I think I might need them too. Please keep my special man in your prayers. I will also be sending him your Facebook messages as soon as I can start sending him mail.