You know the drill, you get a new iPhone and you treat it as if it were a newborn. Gently putting down and taking the utmost care as to avoid getting a single scratch on the screen. After a few months, the inevitable happens and you get that first scratch and that's all she wrote. You end up tossing your once beloved iPhone around as if it were a sack of potatoes, and you hate potatoes!

A new product from Nissan, yes the car manufacturer, will end your iPhone woes with a case that repairs itself.The Scratch Shield iPhone case will literally repair a scratch on an iPhone with technology already in use on several Nissan and Infinity cars. It's all possible because of a new special healing paint that uses a chemical reaction and fills in dings and scratches soon after they appear.

Small scratches will only take up to an hour to disappear, while major damage will take about a week to repair.

Trial runs are in progress and the Scratch Shield iPhone case will go into production in about one year.

My question is, how long before this can be used as skin? Can we say, "Goodbye Wrinkles!"