Our legislature toiled hard all year long. And today, over 230 new laws took effect.

The new law that will impact the most people? Texting while driving can now cost you a hefty fine!

If you're texting while driving, or if it looks like you're reading a text behind the wheel, police can now ticket you.

Plus, police can stop a vehicle if they see a driver 17 or younger talking on a cell phone.

Other, interesting???, laws:

We can now put TV's in the front seat of vehicles! In theory, the driver shouldn't be able to see it... But, in reality... we'll see.

Churches may now allow come members to carry concealed weapons.

The six month residency requirement before getting a concealed handgun permit has been removed.

And employers now face higher penalties for knowingly hiring illegal immigrants.

For a complete listing of all 230 new laws, click here.