A group of the world's most amazing magicians whose part time job is stealing millions from corrupt businessmen. That's the basic plot of 'Now You See Me', a high tension thriller set for nationwide release this weekend!

'Now You See Me' stars Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher and Dave Franco as the big time illusionists, who bill themselves as The Four Horsemen. While playing only the top venues in major cities, they also use their unique skills (to use the political lexicon of the day) to rob from the evil rich and redistribute to the less fortunate.

Despite those cliched overtones, 'Now You See Me' looks like action packed fun with amazing special effects - note Isla Fisher in the bubble - and winning performances by Harrelson and Eisenberg (The Social Network).

'Now You See Me' opens in theaters across the USA tomorrow (Friday). Imagine, a movie that both President Obama and I would enjoy. As the old song says, 'Who woulda thunk it?'