His name is Louis Nix and he, like so many other little boys, dreamed of playing quarterback for one of college football perennial powers, Notre Dame. And for Louis that dream has come true, as lined up behind center this weekend in the Irish' annual Blue and Gold spring game. The is one slight difference, however, between Nix and college QBs. Louis Nix weighs 347 pounds.

Nix, who's regular position is defensive tackle, got a chance to play quarterback after he won a 'bet' with the Notre Dame coaching staff. If his grades were high enough, he'd get his shot at signal caller. And now those same coaches are thinking their lost bet may be a long term win, with Louis taking over in the backfield on short yardage and goal line situations.

"It's something all teams need to be scared of. Everybody needs to be scared of Irish Chocolate (his nickname)," said a smiling Nix following the game, "Everybody. Every team."