It's been a couple of years... But Weird Al is back!

The guy that has spoofed Michael Jackson and Joan Jett, and gave us the classic 80's movie UHF, is now giving the world his take on Lady Gaga. Why? Because, baby, he "Performs This Way!"

According to a Yahoo News report, Gaga's manager initially refused to cooperate or give him permission to do the video. But after vowing to donate proceeds from the song, they agreed.

In fact, Gaga also gave him the rights to use "Poker Face" as well!

What makes the video even "weirder" is that, instead of dressing like Gaga, Weird Al decided to use computer graphics to paste his head onto a stunt-double woman's body.

See if you can spot the meat dress, bee dress, and the comparison of Madonna and Lady Gaga!

Personally, I think it's actually less creepy than a real Gaga video!