If you are one of the many people who make New Year Resolutions, you know the perennial favorites, lose weight. stop smoking and get a better job. There are a million ways to lose weight and find the program that works best for you and the same goes for losing smoking. You could even make the argument when it comes to getting a new job. Let's just say finding a new job isn't your top priority, but rather to just have a better work life. That sounds reasonable, especially in a tough economy, as many people are seeing right now. Business insider came up with some ideas to help you have a better career in 2013. Heck, you never know, it could even mean a bigger paycheck or career upward mobility.

  • 1

    Ask for time off and take it without guilt.

    Are you one of the people who put off vacations because there are no good times to get away from work? Suggestion, talk to the boss, schedule the time, and take that time off that you have earned. Believe it or not, not only is it bad for your health, it is bad for your employer. If you aren't rested, you won't be working at your peak performance, meaning you won't be doing the best job you could otherwise.

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    Stop complaining about your job

    Do you ever find yourself complaining about your job, you boss or co-workers? Guess what, they may never hear you, but your work attitude shows how much you are unhappy you are. If you don't like the way things are going with the the job boss or co-workers talk to your boss and speak directly and honestly, but respectfully. Go with the attitude of making the work place a better place to be, rather than a complaint-fest. And if you really don't like your job that much, find a new one.

  • 3

    Thank people

    Believe it or not, a simple "thank you" can go a long way. It makes you feel connected and a pleasant person with which to work. Tell them—and vow to keep thanking people into the new year. For people you do business with, make sure you take the time to write out your thanks in a note or email and it will probably be treasured for a long time to come. Never under-estimate just how much people value being openly appreciated.

  • 4

    Stop texting in meetings

    Sure meetings are boring, especially, when people aren't talking about the subjects that touch you personally. Even if everyone else does, it doesn't make it right. Not to mention, you may get caught off-guard, if you are called upon. Or worse, in a small meeting, you could be seen as just plain rude.

  • 5

    Ask for a raise

    If you think you think that you have done a great job over the passed year, why not ask for a "salary review". Money is always a hard conversation to have, but it is completely reasonable to ask for a raise, if you have been doing a great job. It is a sign of self-respect. Even if they aren't able to give a raise to you then, you may find out areas that you are excelling in and areas that need improvement.

  • 6

    Get involved with a professional society

    Find a professional society in your field and get involved with its work. By joining committees or attending meetings, you'll expand your network, raise your visibility, and often get additional accomplishments for your resume.

  • 7

    Break a bad habit

    A good idea would be to listen to yourself for a week or ask a friend (one who cuts to the chase) to find out what are your worst habits and try to change them. It could be anything from the common bad habits of interrupting people, getting defensive when you receive feedback, or resisting change. This is your chance to make a change in 2013.It will also help in your personal life too.

  • 8

    Throw out your resume and write a new one focusing on achievements, not just job duties

    This is where the job change can come into play. When was the last time you actually looked at your resume (or even made a resume)? Because no one ever thinks about how their resume is perceived, mostly because everyone wants to apply for jobs online. Well guess what, most people's resumes are bland and uninspiring. Your best chance to get noticed it to make your resume achievement-focused document. Those resumes normally get noticed by hiring managers. And do this even if you're not job-searching, so that it's ready whenever you are—or if a great opportunity falls unexpectedly in your lap.

  • 9

    Ask for feedback

    Beyond asking for friends to tell you your bad habits or waiting to ask for a raise, ask your boss to give you feedback on what you do well and where you could do better. If you wait for them to tell you on their own, you may be waiting a long time. Lots of managers aren't skilled at offering feedback on their own but will respond well to specific questions like, "What do you think I'm best at, and where could I focus on improving?" And even if you don't much like your boss, asking the question might get you some interesting insights.

  • 10

    Take control of your career

    I mentioned this earlier, if you don't like where you work, you may want to start actively working to find a new one. Want to change fields? Figure out what it's going to take and start down that path. Unsure what you want to do? Come up with a plan to figure it out. Whatever the obstacle is between you and being happy with your work life, make 2013 the year that you stop being passively unhappy about it and start taking active steps to changing it.