Today's National Football League seems - more than ever - to be focused on player safety. In the wake of evidence of brain injuries the league has instituted numerous rule changes with players well being in mind. But, this wasn't always the case.

It was 1976 and the Pittsburgh Steelers were football's most dominant team and Shreveport native (and future Hall of Famer) Terry Bradshaw was the game's top quarterback.

In an early season against the Cleveland Browns Bradshaw was rushed by tackle Joe Jones, whose nickname was 'Turkey Joe'. Breaking through the Steelers' offensive line, Jones grabbed the helpless Bradshaw, turned him upside down, and like some professional wrestler, used a pile drive move, slamming Terry head first, and unconscious, into the hard ground.

Today, Jones would be ejected from the game and fined, probably no less than six figures. But back then in those good old days, he was flagged a mere 15 yards for unnecessary roughness.

And Bradshaw? A concussion, a sprained neck and only one game missed.