Terri Riley

I have a long history of putting off exercise. It often gets so bad, that I will look for and find any excuse to skip it. Well, Dr. Jason Maggio who is a nutrition specialist and trainer for Olympic Athletes has been trying to motivate me for several months. He says people only get started exercising for two reasons: inspiration or desperation.

Inspiration and Desperation

Inspiration comes from something that will spark a fire under you. Desperation often comes from medical reasons that make it imperative that you get started following a better lifestyle. I want my journey to be from inspiration, but that's where I hit a brick wall.

When the time comes for me to get up off the sofa and go walk, play tennis or do anything that resembles exercise, I find an excuse not to do it.

Getting on my feet

Dr. Maggio decided he would come out and walk with me on Friday. I also invited listeners to join us.

Liz Guest showed up at the Mall wearing a "Team Erin" T-shirt. I was stunned, but so thrilled to see her. We did our walk and I was winded and sweating a little at the end, but so glad I did it.

Future Walks

I've agreed to walk three times a week, and Liz has agreed to be my Monday walking buddy. When I showed up at the mall Monday, Liz was waiting for me, along with Terri Riley and Dana Brossett. Both wanted to walk to help give me some motivation. I can not tell you how much this moved me.

Motivation from unlikely places

These ladies are complete strangers to me, but I already know they will become special people in my life. Imagine stopping what you do every day and taking an hour out of your day to spend time with a stranger. This has motivated me like nothing else could. Saying thanks to these ladies doesn't even seem to scratch the surface.

Join the walking group

If you would like to join the "CIA" (Chicks in Action), we'll be walking every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5 p.m. at Mall St. Vincent. We meet at Dillards inside the mall.

This Friday will be changed to a different time because I have to be at Sportsman's Expo at the Shreveport Convention Center. But after this weekend, I will be there and would love to have you join us.