I have kids and that is bound to give me gray hair...many parents can agree. Mind you, I haven't gone all gray...yet. But I am well on my way. However, it looks like, if I choose to not go gray, there may be help in the future.

The story in Nature World News suggests that we may be one generation away from the no more gray hair.  For those who do it, that means no more dying, plucking, or pretending that the "salt and pepper look" is sexy.

According to a study in a medical journal on experimental biology, scientists at the University of Bradford in England have figured out a definitive way to reverse the gray hair process.

A hair turns gray when there's a massive accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicle.  That basically makes the hair bleach itself.

So the researchers created a topical solution for your hair that stops it from going gray . . . and even gets it back to its original color.  It's not a dye . . . it literally fixes your hair follicles and restores their color.

There's no word on when it could go on sale . . . but with something this potentially groundbreaking, you know these guys will be in a hurry to cash in.