We can have bathrooms, but you can't have a toilet room. You can't even call pork-butt a pork-butt anymore. Ladies and Gentlemen, it looks like the PC police have struck again...in of all places your bedroom. No longer are you supposed to say,  "Master" Bedroom.

So why, "Master" Bedroom? What about this word makes it so bad that after over 100 years do we need to make a change?

  1. "Master" is seen by some people as a solely masculine word...and we can't have that. After all, we always name cars and boats after women and the guys don't complain.
  2. Some think that "master" invokes its old slavery connotation, which isn't politically correct race-wise. That seems to be a bit of a stretch, in this day and age. Haven't we moved past this line of discussion in 2013? I guess not.

So what will you see by a variety of home builders? Names like "Owner's Suite," "Owner's Bedroom," or "Mastre Bedroom" (note the spelling).

Here is the spin:

A broker in Washington D.C. says, quote, "The terminology has more of an upscale tone to it . . . 'owner suite' conveys a sense of being distinguished, having 'made it', rather than the everyday 'master bedroom.'"

While not all builders are doing this, you will find the removal of the name "Master" by the following builders across this great country of ours: Winchester, Pulte Homes, NV Homes and Ryan Homes, Van Metre Cos. and D.R. Horton Inc. have all replaced “master” in their floor plans, some more recently than others.