Did this happen at Loomis Chaffee school in Windsor, CT?

A call to the school's Multicultural Director went to voice mail, but the receptionist did say that they had special events for Martin Luther King Day. She couldn't say if this menu is legit, however.

[UPDATE] As per the Loomis Chaffee school press release,

Loomis Chaffee takes great pride in celebrating the diverse background of each student and recognizing that diversity and multiculturalism extend into all areas of life on the Island. Starting on Monday, January 21, students, faculty, and staff will enter a weeklong tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.

On that Monday, during lunch in the dining hall, the menu will feature some of Dr. King’s favorite foods, and at 3:30 p.m. students will pay homage to Dr. King in the Olcott Center. Tuesday will include an all-school assembly starting at 10:30 a.m. Junior Kassidi Jones will open the convocation with a poetry reading followed by a presentation titled “You Don’t Know Me Until You Know Me,” by Michael Fowlin. Mr. Fowlin is an actor, psychologist, and poet tackling issues such as race, discrimination, violence, prevention, and personal identity all while working toward worldwide inclusion. Follow-up discussion of Mr. Fowlin’s presentation will take place at 12:20 p.m. in the Parton Room and at 7 p.m. at a peer counseling open meeting in Founders Lounge. On Thursday, during the all-school free period at 10:55 a.m., PRISM will host a “hot topics” discussion in Gilchrist Auditorium. The topic of discussion this year will be based on a New York Times Article, “Admitted, but Left Out,” which deals with the fact that while many schools have made great strides in diversifying their student population, these efforts have not ensured that the students have an experience of inclusion. The weeklong celebration will end on Friday, January 25, with Windsor High School’s Teens of Praise Gospel Choir singing in the chapel alongside some of Loomis Chaffee’s chamber singers.

Keep in mind, this isn't an inner city school. This is a top-line boarding school and educational facility, as tuition is between $37,000 and $50,000/yr. (And that's before the $2-3,000 in extra fees.)

So what were they supposedly serving on Martin Luther King Jr. Day?