I remember back several years ago there were sites like "Hot or Not," which allowed web surfers to rate pictures people would send in.

But until today, I didn't know that there was a dating web site just for "Beautiful People!"

Apparently, they have users rate applicants before they are allowed to join the service.

But sometime in the past month, their computer was infected with a virus and allowed 30,000 "ugly" people to join without being rated.

A spokesperson for the dating site said they thought something unusual was going on when they had thousands of new members in a six week period.

What ever to do?

They decided to cancel the memberships by sending out emails that said, "Sorry to inform you, you're not beautiful enough."

Beautifulpeople.com has even set up a hotline to help rejected applicants deal with the let down and also offer tips about how to rejoin.

The best quote from the company? They actually compared themselves with sports teams and Mensa!

So my question: Would you ever try to join such a... snob of a dating service? Or maybe just send in pictures that have been touched up?