I loved seeing the story from Boston, where a mass transit worker jumped down onto the train tracks to rescue a stuffed animal for a 3-year-old little girl. It reminds me of a time gone by in my children's life.

City of Shreveport

My oldest son became so attached to a little yellow duckie. It was special. But a babysitter took my boys to see the Shreveport Captains play at Fairgrounds Field and duckie, who went everywhere with my son, went too. But somehow duckie got left at Fairgrounds Field. What would we do without duckie?

My son could not sleep without his favorite pet. I tried buying a new one, but it wasn't the same.

My advice to young parents is to always buy two of every little stuffed animal or toy, because you never know when you might lose one and it might be the one thing they just can't live without.