Critics may say they're at least 25 years removed from their action hero heydays, but three of the shoot 'em ups biggest - and aging - stars will be returning to your neighborhood theaters in the next few weeks. The question is is, will anyone go?

arnold schwarzeneggar, facebook

Sylvester Stallone, the elder of our group at age 66, is back on the screen playing mob hit man Jimmy Bobo in "Bullet To The Head". Arnold Schwarzeneggar, 66, now out of the political spotlight and back in the movies, stars as a small town sheriff fighting ruthless drug dealers in "The Last Stand". And the kid of the group at a mere 57, Bruce Willis, flexes his military muscles in "GI Joe: Retaliation"

Studios are gambling that audiences of all ages will flock to the movies to see these three stars, whose combined ages total 188 years. That number, coincidentally, is barely more - in millions - than the combined production costs of the three films. And each star pocketed around $20 million apiece for their roles. All three movies are expected in local theaters by mid February.