At some point, everyone has done something kind of dumb on vaction, right? Trust me, I just got back from Florida 2 weeks ago and have pictures to prove it... But, I'm still scratching my head over this one!

Last week, a member of the Austrian swim team had to be rescued on a beach in Miami.

Was it because of strong currents in the water? Or maybe he swam too long and got exhausted? No and no.

It's because he fell in a hole on the beach... That he had dug!

For some reason, Jakub Maly decided it would be a good idea to dig a hole 7 feet deep and 6 feet wide... And then jump in it! (By the way, that's about big enough to bury a golf cart)

That's when the walls caved in and buried him. According to doctors, the danger was from all the pressure the sand was putting on his kidneys, legs, and lungs.

It took about 60 rescue workers to get him free. Luckily, he was taken to the hospital and released without injury.

What's the worst thing that you've ever done on vacation?