Dirty laundry, no one wants to do it, but someone has to clean our clothes and apparently one in seven grown men still count on their moms to wash their clothes. One of the interesting facts from this surveys' results is that these guys don't live at home with mom, they live alone or have roommates and simply bring their laundry home for mom to do.

Half of the 2739 men (18 and over from Britain) claim they help out with the chores around their house while another one-third say they can't do housework because someone had always done it for them. The survey also found the top five simple household chores that men can't (or say they can't) do.

  • 36% can't clean the bathroom properly
  • 33% can't use a washing machine or dryer
  • 30% can't iron a shirt
  • 26% can't use the diswasher
  • 24% can't cook a simple meal

Another interesting fact from this survey is that 61% of the men still play with or collect toys with Lego's coming in on top of the list followed by remote controlled cars and model trains. See more results from this survey from London's Daily Mail.