I am blessed with so many great friends. One group gets together every month for Bunco. It's more about girl time. We share good things happening in our lives and we also have some great shoulders to cry on when things are not so good. This group is called the Bunco Babes and we have so much fun when we gather. They welcomed my special guest, Mom this weekend. She had such a wonderful time. But that's not all these ladies did!  As we are going through our gift exchange, they start pulling out bags and bags of toys out from under the Christmas tree. It's all for Operation Santa Claus!!  These ladies plotted all of this behind my back and threw me for a loop when they presented me with all of these toys. Thanks is just not enough for this fabulous women. At a time when they all have children and grandchildren to shop for, they took time out of their busy lives to buy something for a child they will never see. I love these gals so much.!