I can remember my Mom telling me 19 years ago to enjoy every moment with my children because they grow up so fast.
Of course she's not the only one who told me that. Everyone tells you that. But when you have babies, you don't believe it. Well today, my oldest son turns 19!
He voted in the Presidential Race this week. He lives two hours away at college. Every time he comes home, there's something new about him. This week, he was sporting a scruffy beard. A friend heard his voice and couldn't believe that was my son. It seems like yesterday that he was running around the house in his batman costume. He loved that thing.  He wore it until Christmas!  And on the Christmas morning when both boys got little 4-wheelers and they started tearin' around our property livin' on the edge....until one of em hit the hedge. 

And the vacation when they were little tots pushing around a tonka truck on the beach.

I'll never forget those mornings when I would have to pull that turtle neck over his little head or packing a bag with "quiet" toys for Sunday Church service.  Now my oldest is a man. And I get sweet texts from him just telling me he loves me. That means the world to me. Though we don't get to spend as much time together any more, he knows how much I love him and I know how much he loves me!

Happy Birthday to my special young man!