These are in no particular order, but we decided to list our favorite vacation spots and some of the reasons these cities made the list. Today, Robert tells us why New Orleans makes his list.
There is great food, great music and there is always something cool going on. My favorite place to get a great meal is the Basil Leaf Thai Restaurant on Carrollton.  The softshell crab is, to use Food Network terms, the best food I ever ate.

I also love the Maison DeVille Bistro on Toulouse.

I love Denver, Colorado.  I have visited 3 times...once in the summer and twice in the winter.  Denver is the hub where we stay, but we venture out to several surrounding areas.  One things you just can not miss while in the area is the US Air Force Academy and the lunchtime march.  My kids also loved exploring the caves.  And of course there is skiing and snowboarding. 

My favorite part is sitting in the hot tub in the snow with a nice glass of wine.  What a way to relax!!