Ghosts. What exactly are they, and why are they here?

Before you can understand what a ghost is, you need to understand the human body of the living person. Everything you do, see, hear, taste, feel, etc. is controlled by electrical impulses sent to and from your brain.

Death of the Body

As you're reading this webpage an electrical impulse is going from your eyes to your brain carrying the information your eyes are seeing. As you scroll down this page, your brain is also sending electrical impulses to your hand to move your mouse.

When a person dies, their systems shut down. Their kidneys fail, their respiratory system shuts down, their heart stops beating and finally their brain shuts down. Since all these systems are controlled by electrical impulses, the electricity has to go somewhere. So, where does the energy go when your body shuts down? It's released into the atmosphere.

When a person dies a slow or natural death, the energy is released more slowly and in a less concentrated state than if a person were to die a sudden or violent death. This is why, I believe, hospitals are not the most haunted places even though more deaths occur in them than anywhere else.

Haunted Locales

So, what makes certain locations more likely to have a ghost than others? I believe it all has to do with an electromagnetic field (EMF) trapping the energy that is released at the time of death.

Everyone has heard of at least one haunted theater in the area they live. Theaters have huge electromagnetic fields since they have high voltage electrical systems to support the sound and lighting equipment that is used for their shows.  Back in the old days, theaters used to be very dangerous places to work. It was very easy to have a lighting rig fall down on someone and kill them or for someone to fall from a catwalk that's high above the stage. When that happened, that energy that was released from the victim's body was trapped by the much stronger electromagnetic field and you now have a ghost.

Tools of the Trade

One of the tools Louisiana Spirits use for paranormal research is an EMF meter. These specially designed instruments measure changes in electromagnetic energy. Many times, while investigating, we discover very high levels of electromagnetic energy. A lot of times this is caused by high voltage electrical systems or by old wiring, both of which create electromagnetic fields.

There's also a theory that it's not the ghost that causes the electromagnetic energy, it's the electromagnetic energy that causes the ghost. But that's a story for another time.