Don't shoot the messenger here, as I am a parent and I am completely appalled by this study that was done in Europe that says that parenting isn't a full-time job!!!!

The UK Daily Mail has a new survey that says that parents only spend a little over 28 hours a week taking care of our children. To say that made me a bit mad, is to put it mildly.

They make their claims based on these numbers.

  • Eight hours and 36 minutes entertaining the kids.
  • Four hours and 48 minutes cooking.
  • Three hours and 38 minutes doing chores.

And less than two hours each on the following things:

  • Making beds
  • Washing up
  • Driving the kids to school and activities
  • Helping with homework
  • Running errands
  • Taking care of pets.

If you are like me, you just did the math and the survey's numbers don't quite match yours, then you aren't alone 92% of the parents surveyed said that having kids is a full-time job.

According to my calculations, I spend no less than 73 hours a week with my kids.