I'm going to my first Jimmy Buffett concert in two weeks. I can't decide if I'm going coconut bra and grass skirt or bikini and cutoffs. Whatever it is I need to hurry up because time is running out, and I plan on using the Redd's Apple Ale Sun of a Beach Festival, presented by MetroPCS, as a trial run.

So when I found this amazing parrot mask, I knew it was fate.

Different occasions call for different attire, obviously. My favorite is a good 80s party — I do love me some neon. But I'm prepping for a special kind of show, the kind that requires something a little over-the-top and more complicated.

My significant other is taking it to an extreme after an amazing find in New Orleans. He was planning on the routine Hawaiian shirt, khaki shorts, straw hat and flops.

Then, while bumping around the French Quarter one afternoon last month, we went into one of my favorite shops near the French Market — a shop full of oddities and vintage toys.

Hanging high on the wall next to one of those creepy horse masks was a parrot head mask. This thing squawked tropical party at me from across the room.

It was the perfect start to an awesome Buffett outfit. Now if we can figure out how to construct matching wings and find my correct coconut size…

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