There they sat, ages five, seven, eight and nine. Four of my five grandchildren ready to dig in and eat supper.  They're all starving to death because I didn't let anyone have treats for about two hours before dinner.  That's a little trick I learned years ago. The longer you starve kids, the better they eat. Don't fall for it if they drop to the floor grabbing their throats, begging for a crumb of food. Stand strong!

Sunday it's dinner at The Woo's. My husband and our son and daughter go play golf and I've got the kids and a dinner to fix.  You can imagine how wild it gets. Cook, and they're hanging from the chandelier. Play with the kid, and dinner burns. I've convinced them all that the black burn on food is good for you, makes you grow taller. Most still scrape it off.

I had prepared a great meal: steak, french fries and corn on the cob. Naturally, all four of the kids wanted those plastic handles that you stick in the ends of the cobs so your fingers don't get greasy.

Well, you guessed it. There was only three sets of plastic handles. Here's a little survival trick if you're ever in the same situation. Take salad forks -- you know, the small forks -- and stick them in the ends of the corn. Boom -- perfect corn on the cob handles.

Then, the situation changes immediately. All four wanted those fork handles and nobody wanted the plastic ones! Glad  I had plenty of forks.

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