He may only play a doctor on TV, but he really does save lives in real life. Patrick Dempsey's character Dr. Derek Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy may have given the star a helping hand as he saved the life of a teenager that wrecked his car near Dempsey's Malibu home. Weston Masset, the teen who flipped his car, spoke to ABCNews.com about being rescued by the star. "I was scared for my life. I was upside down." Dempsey used a crowbar to pry the doors of the wrecked car and pull the young man out of the car.

The young man first said to Dempsey as he arrived on the scene "Are you famous?" Dempsey, who was not in full Dr. McDreamy wear, responded, "Yeah, I'm a doctor," according to Masset.

Check out video of the story here.

Yahoo News