I am hooked on "Big Brother" this summer, but this crazy nut, Amanda Zuckerman has got to go.


She has been running the house and is major bully. This week, she's been tormenting Elissa and even threatened to kill her while she's sleeping. Many viewers are sick of watching this behavior. Elissa even locked herself in the HOH room because of the harassment.  She's been canoodling with McCrae all season and has been intimidating all of the other house guests. I understand the politics of the game, but it really makes me cringe to watch someone be so mean. Do I expect CBS to do anything about it? No.


There is a lot of talk on the web about booting Amanda out of the "Big Brother" house. If you want to encourage CBS to do something about Amanda, you can sign the petition. Nothing will probably happen, but at least it might get CBS to instruct Amanda to tone it down. I will be so happy when she is finally gone and we will get to see McCrae try to play the game on his own.