The Pitch Perfect crew is in Baton Rouge this week holding rehearsals for the upcoming sequel, "Pitch Perfect 2."

The upcoming shoot, which is scheduled to begin May 22, marks the movie crew's return to Baton Rouge, which is where the original film was shot back in 2012.

Elizabeth Banks, director of "Pitch Perfect 2," was in New Orleans this week to promote her newest movie, "Walk of Shame." Banks talked briefly about her next project.

"We just started but we're already having a lot of fun," said Banks (quote via The Times-Picayune), adding that her directorial debut has so far been a "challenge."

"Pitch Perfect" saw huge commercial success in theaters and also shot the song "Cups" (AKA "When I'm Gone") into the mainstream stratosphere. The song saw heavy rotation on radio and topped Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart in 2013.

Actress Anna Kendrick performed the new version of the old song, which dates back to the 1920s. The music video currently has over 127 million views on YouTube.

[via NOLA]