If you like living in a small town and you happen to have $100,000 on hand you could live in one one the smallest towns in the US, Buford, Wyoming. The last remaining resident, Don Sammons, is putting the town up for auction. And you thought you lived in a small town if you live in Benton, Minden, or Doyline. Don Sammons is the last remaining resident of the town that back in the 1860's was a bustling city of about 2,000 residents. In 1869 President Ulysses S. Grant visited the town, and ten years later Butch Cassidy robbed a store there.

The town Buford, Wyoming has some history for me personally. Back in 2000, my first husband and I were driving to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for our honeymoon from Shreveport, Louisiana. As we were coming into Wyoming for the first time we missed the ONE exit to Cheyenne and we were really low on gas. Signs promised service in ten miles, and the service never appeared. It was dark and there didn't seem to be civilization for miles and miles. Finally, we saw the exit for a gas station.

When we got off I-80 we saw the sign "Buford Pop 2 ELEV 8000." As we pulled into the gas pump our car died and we saw that the gas station was closed! I proceeded to panic and cry my eyes out when we saw a lady poke her head out the door of the gas station with a flashlight. She asked if we were going to fill up, and we cried out YES! and buy lots of snacks and souvenirs. I still have my Buford Cafe mason jar mug, even though I don't have the husband anymore.

Time via Wyoming Tribune Eagle