This story is outrageous!

After a first grader in Houston, Texas drew on her desk at school, the teacher reprimanded her by having her wash her desk, miss recess and go to the principal's office. And if that was not punishment enough for this seven-year-old, the teacher also removed the child's desk and forced her to sit on the floor for more than four weeks. She told the little girl that she would not get her desk back until second grade.

The mother is finally speaking out about the incident that happened at Westwood Elementary in Houston, Texas. She said that she received an email from the teacher about her child drawing on the desk, but was never made aware of the severe punishment that was going on each day at school.

“She lost her recess. She went to the principal’s office and then she had to wash the desk — and that was it. I was never told that the desk was removed," her mother told news reporters.

The teacher has been reprimanded for her actions, but the mother has since then filed a formal grievance with the school district and has withdrawn her child from that school.

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