I can't recall the last time I actually bought a scratch off lottery ticket, I know it's been quite a while though thanks to the convenience of paying at the pump because I have no excuse to go into the convenience store and pay for gas and be tempted to buy a lottery ticket.

However the debate came up in the office here this morning, a co-worker knows of a guy who won a rather large sum of money (not life altering, but life changing in the short term) and decided to quit his job. The kicker of the story is that their friend is a couple of years away from retiring and he's decided to leave his job and not work up until retirement.

Now everyone has their reasons to do what they do, but the winner says he's not going to change his mind because he's not going to change his lifestyle and will live off of the winnings which is a little over the two million mark.

After listening to this, if it were me I’d stick it out a couple of years and work up until retirement!