Its common knowledge that you can find anything you could possibly imagine for sale on Ebay.

There are even books and DVD's on teaching people to use Ebay for income.

Today, I searched Ebay for a George Rodrigue "Blue Dog" Print. I just know one would look PERFECT in my dining area. That's when I found louisianaeric's item for sale: a set of four Raising Cane's cups.

In case you're not a frequent patron of Raising Cane's you might not know that they usually have the BEST cups! My kitchen cabinet at home would be pretty bare if not for the cup's I get at Cane's.

The newest cups from Raising Cane's feature Blue Dogs on the River George Rodrique Art Show. I really love my cups. I have three of them from the times I've gotten a large drink at Cane's. But, are they worthy of being resold on Ebay?

My other problem with these cups, besides the fact that they come FREE with your large drink purchase, is that I can't help but wonder if these cups are used.