Read Across America is a week celebrated every year encouraging America's youngsters to read more and for America's grownups to read aloud to kids at every opportunity. To make the time more fun, reading Dr. Seuss stories has become part of the "Read Across America" tradition.

ALL TALL We all are tall.
ALL SMALL We all are small.
ALL BALL We all play ball.
BALL WALL Up on a wall.
ALL FALL Fall off the wall.

That's just a bit of the Dr. Seuss classic "Hop On Pop," and it's what 96.5 KVKI's Erin McCarty (joined by other local celebs) read today to the kindergartners at St. John Berchman's School as part of Read Across America.

Congrats to Erin and the dozens of other volunteers who read at schools all over Caddo and Bossier Parishes. And good for the kids who, thanks to them, are discovering the joy of reading!