• 11

    Youth Crawfish Eating Contest

    Us grown-ups aren't the only ones who love crawfish! Little ones will have their own shot at showing who the best mudbug eater is. The prize? Playground bragging rights, of course!

  • 12

    Cajun Dixon Line

    The Cajun-Dixon Line's roots in the eclectic Shreveport music scene are 11-years long. The group's great blend of accordion, guitar and fiddle makes for some great eatin' music.

  • 13

    David Egan & 20 Years of Trouble

    David Egan remains a standout in the local music scene, and for good reason: he's been around the block! The Lafayette-based singer/songwriter is bringing his style of Cajun rock and Blues for an excited Mudbug Madness crowd.

  • 14

    Wayne Toups & ZyDeCajun

    From Wayne Toups' Facebook page: "From the moment he bursts on-stage with his accordion, Toups is going full blast and the show is only going up from there. In short, Toups will blow your dance socks off."

  • 15

    Nonc Nu & Da Wild Matous

    According to Nonc Nu, their music "is a mix of many different musical genres, including zydeco, rock, and country...infused with both English and Cajun French and tell stories of the band's childhood and way of life in South Louisiana." Sounds good to us!

  • 16

    A Crazy Crawfish Calling Contest!

    Here, mudbug, mudbug, mudbug! Are you the best crawfish caller in Louisiana? Find out by going toe-to-toe with the best in the Ark-La-Tex.

    TenSafeFrogs, Flickr
  • 17

    The Roscoes

    Whether they're playing Thin Lizzy or Charlie Daniels, this Shreveport band knows how to bring a good time.

  • 18

    Bushrod Jenkins

    Some 15 years in the making, Bushrod Jenkins play a blend of rock and outlaw country. Oh, and don't mind the tinge of old-school hip hop; we don't!

  • 19

    Karaoke for Kids

    Karaoke isn't just for grown-ups -- at least not at Mudbug Madness!

  • 20

    Work Off That Great Food with a 5K Race

    It's not a bad idea to get a little exercise, considering all the great food you'll be enjoying all weekend long.