I can't believe it's been two years now since Michael Jackson died... Saturday the  25th is the anniversary.

I remember I was out running some errands that day at Target. When news started to spread about what happened, my cell phone started ringing non-stop.

I thought it was ironic at the time, because I had just found my un-opened copy of Thriller on vinyl. And, yes, I had to open it that night to listen.

It seems like in the two years, most of us have been able to push the "creepy" Michael Jackson out of our minds... And been able to focus more on the great music he left us.

While I was surfing around today, I came across a fantastic site with old Jackson videos on it.

But then I found a one-man tribute done through song and just had to share it. Make sure you watch through to the end and see how it was done! Enjoy: